Dental Crowns

For large restorations, crowns can be used to cover the tooth and recreate your natural smile. They can correct damage from large cavities and fracture lines and provide support to misshapen or broken teeth. Crowns can replace missing teeth to provide an aesthetic look and functional bite. They provide a longer lasting solution to restore or improve your smile and can ease functional chewing problems. The choice of materials will be made in consultation with Dr. Hoffman or Dr. Cohen, taking into account both the remaining tooth structure and the aesthetic and functional needs of the patient.

What to Expect at Silver Maple Dental

It is important to us that we maximize both the aesthetics and long-term health of your dentition.  Fabricating a crown requires two visits to our office. During the initial visit, we will remove any decay, shape the tooth, and then fit the tooth with a temporary crown.

During the next visit, we will remove the temporary crown and position the final crown. When the patient is satisfied, we will cement the final crown into place, leaving a new natural-looking and fully functional tooth.

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